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I have been an active Wiki editor on various sites for about six years now. I am an active editor and councilor at the Citizendium, I'm the general editor of EDiT: EMU's Digital Textbook, and (of course) a wikipedian.


I teach US history at Eastern Michigan University. I hold a Ph.D. in the history of science, technology, environment and medicine (STEM) from Case Western Reserve University (2001) with a sub-field in economics. I wrote a dissertation on Progressive Era engineering ideology in educational reforms. I am also degreed in Philosophy having written a thesis on Friedrich Nietzsche's aesthetics. My research interests include the ideological and intellectual history of engineering, history of US railroads, interurbans, the Progressive Era, Public History, and Museums of Science and Technology.

STS Wiki

I have been an editor and admin on the STS Wiki: the wiki for Science, Technology, and Society studies since 2006.


EDiT is the Digital History Textbook at Eastern Michigan University. It runs the Mediawiki software, and I manage and oversee the the project. Our external linking policy is to link all biography (and other topics when appropriate) exclusively to the Citizendium.

The Citizendium

I've been an editor and active participant at The Citizendium since 2007. I have served on their Editorial Council, Charter drafting committee, and was elected the first Chair of their Management Council.


Yes, I was/am there, too.

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