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Like the Public LIbrary of Science and other open source ventures in academic publishing, STS Wiki is an experiment in open source knowledge production.

STS Wiki is the only existing alternative to a for-profit publishing regime that, to this point, has enriched copyright holders (read: publishers, not authors) at the expense of the public's ability to learn about STS and to profit from its compelling and critical vision.

Contributors to STS Wiki are passionate in their conviction that STS matters -- and what is more, that it is fundamental to any educated person's understanding of the roles that science and technology play in our lives, our society, and humanity's future.

We see our audience as today's STS teacher/researchers, tomorrow's students, and the general public.

By creating a free, publicly available resource of exceptional quality, we hope to inspire.


The STS Wiki was conceived and initially developed by Bryan Pfaffenberger, an associate professor in the Department of Science, Technology, and Society at the University of Virginia. The site went online in December, 2005.

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