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  • Home pages lists, evaluates, and ranks the Web presence of prominent STS people.
  • If you'd like to contribute (and please do!), see writing a bio.

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Abbate, Janet

Ashmore, Malcolm

Barnes, Barry

Bazerman, Charles

Bijker, Wiebe

Bloor, David

Bowker, Geoff

Callon, Michel

Carlson, W. Bernard

Cockburn, Cynthia

Collins, Harry

Constant, Edward

Cowan, Ruth Schwartz

Edge, David

Edwards, Paul

Elzinga, Aant

Epstein, Steven

Feenberg, Andrew

Forsythe, Diana

Galison, Peter

Gieryn, Thomas

Gorman, Michael

Hacking, Ian

Haraway, Donna

Harding, Sandra

Hess, David

Hounshell, David

Hughes, Thomas

Jamison, Andrew

Jasanoff, Sheila

Keller, Evelyn Fox

Kissau, Kathrin

Kline, Ronald

Kling, Rob

Knorr-Cetina, Karin

Kuhn, Thomas

Latour, Bruno

Law, John

Layton, Edwin

Lynch, Michael

MacKenzie, Donald

Martin, Brian

Masco, Joseph

Merton, Robert

Mulkay, Michael

Mumford, Lewis

Noble, David

Nowotny, Helga

Nye, David

Pfaffenberger, Bryan

Pickering, Andrew

Pinch, Trevor

Polanyi, Michael

Restivo, Sal

Schaffer, Simon

Schmid, Sonja

Shapin, Steve

Sismondo, Sergio

Star, Susan Leigh

Traweek, Susan

Wajcman, Judy

Williams, Rosalind

Winner, Langdon

Woodhouse, Edward

Woolgar, Steve

Wynne, Brian

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