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If you're experienced with Wikipedia, you know that we're going to have vandalism problems sooner or later. The only way we can keep the site going is to have a cadre of Sysops who visit the site often and watch for vandalism.

Sysops have powers beyond those of mere mortals:

  • Quick page reversion
  • Page deletion
  • Block a vandal's IP address

If you would like to become a sysop, please visit the Wikipedia administrators (sysop) page to learn more about what sysops do. On our site, the major tasks are these:

  • Visit the site every day.
  • Check the Recent pages list for signs of spam (new pages created by anonymous IP addresses)
  • Delete new pages containing spam
  • Block IP addresses of anyone who spams
  • Delete user accounts and block anyone who spams

To apply for sysop-hood, please leave a message on User_talk:Bryan.