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To create a bibliographic entry, do the following:

1. Go to References cited.

2. Type the reference in an author-date format such as the University of Chicago Press Manual of Style:

 Propp, V. J. (1968). Morphology of the folktale. Austin, TX: University of Texas Press 

3. Add the following HTML to assign an ID to the item you just typed:

 <span id="Propp, 1968">Propp, V. J. (1968). Morphology of the folktale, University of Texas Press Austin. </span>

4. To create an in-text citation to this bibliographic entry elsewhere in STS Wiki, type an author-date reference as follows:

[[References cited#Propp 1968|Propp, 1968]]

When users click on the in-text citation, they will be transferred to References cited, which scrolls down automatically to the referenced item.