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Listed here are the home pages of STS superstars, soon-to-be superstars, and even should-have-been superstars. But they should be some kind of star!

Site ranking system

Star.gifStar.gifStar.gif Huge, cool site that required substantial funding and/or years of development; an indispensable resource for research.
Star.gifStar.gif A site that every STS scholar should visit even if it doesn't offer the rich resources of a three-star site.
Star.gif A useful site but probably not of interest to some.

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Enro, scientifique et citoyen

URL: http: Pour une science ouverte et des citoyens éclairés One of the best (if not the best) STS sites in French. Is very much oriented towards diffusion of science and scientific journalism.

Latour, BrunoStar.gifStar.gifStar.gif


DESCRIPTION: This has got to be one of the most beautifully designed and resource-rich home pages of any academic, anywhere. There's a very interesting biography, a nontrivial list of books with summaries and comments, an archive of downloadable full text articles (just about everything Latour has published is available here!), recent popular columns, exhibitions, press clippings, courses, and even a FAQ. The site design is quite beautiful (although I had to enlarge the fonts in order to read them comfortably). The site is available in French or English versions, which are equally feature-rich. (the page has been moved to a new address since Bruno is no more at the Ecole des Mines but at Sciences Po - Intsitute of political sciences)

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