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The Handbook of Science and Technology Studies 3rd Edition

Editor: Edward J. Hackett, Olga Amsterdamska, Michael E. Lynch, Judy Wajcman, Wiebe E. Bijker

Publisher: MIT Press

Website: Society for Social Studies of Science

Description: Science and Technology Studies is a flourishing interdisciplinary field that examines the creation, development, and consequences of science and technology in their cultural, historical, and social contexts. The New Handbook of Science and Technology Studies provides a comprehensive and authoritative overview of the field, reviewing current research and major theoretical and methodological approaches and analyzing emergent issues in a form that is accessible to new and established scholars from a range of disciplines. Handbook chapters review the dominant theoretical perspectives of STS, present the current state of research on a spectrum of topics in the field, analyze changes brought about by the commercialization of science, study interactions between science and other institutions, examine the role of experts and the public in scientific and technological decision making, and consider the cultural and social dimensions of new technologies. The New Handbook of Science and Technology Studies is the third in a series of volumes sponsored by the Society for Social Studies of Science that have defined the field of Science and Technology Studies. It will be an essential resource for scholars in that field as well as for those in such neighboring disciplines as anthropology, history, philosophy, sociology, law, political science, feminist and critical theory, and literary studies.

ISBN-13: 978-0262083645

An Introduction to Science and Technology Studies

Editor: Sergio Sismondo

Publisher: Wiley

Description: This volume provides a roadmap to the complex interdisciplinary terrain of science and technology studies. The book presents the historical background for this burgeoning field, focusing on the central debates and key theoretical advances. Topics include realism and social construction, discourse and rhetoric, objectivity, the role of experiment and theory, controversies, and the critique of science and technology. Distinctive in its attention to the underlying philosophical and sociological aspects of science and technology, and written specifically with students in mind, An Introduction to Science and Technology Studies is ideal for those new to this exciting and controversial area of study.

ISBN-13: 978-1405187657

Science Studies: An Advanced Introduction

Editor: David J. Hess

Publisher: New York University Press

Description: Science Studies is the first comprehensive survey of the field, combining a concise overview of key concepts with an original and integrated framework. In the process of bringing disparate fields together under one tent, Hess realizes the full promise of science studies, long uncomfortably squeezed into traditional disciplines. He provides a clear discussion of the issues and misunderstandings that have arisen in these interdisciplinary conversations. His survey is up to date and includes recent developments in philosophy, sociology, anthropology, history, cultural studies, and feminist studies. By moving from the discipline-bound blinders of a sociology, history, philosophy, or anthropology of science to a transdisciplinary field, science studies, Hess believes, will provide crucial conceptual tools for public discussions about the role of science and technology in a democratic society.

ISBN-13: 978-0814735640

Knowledge & Society

Editor: S. Gorenstein , Department of Science and Technology Studies, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, New York, USA


Description: knowledge and Society is a book series devoted to examining in depth crucial and current issues in the critique of science and engineering as fields of study. The series takes the point of view that science and engineering emerge from, as well as affect, society and culture. In other words, science and technology are seen as inextricably connected to social and cultural ideas, behaviors, and relations, as well as to social and cultural goals and purposes. For example, in Material Culture, Volume 10 of the series, articles show how designs of technologies such as the telephone and laboratory instruments are as much embedded in society and culture as they are in engineering. In Knowledge Systems, Volume 11 of the series, authors investigate how concepts of morality, time, space and the body inform the diagnosis and treatment of disease in Africa and Asia and what societal and scientific criteria the US Congress uses to evaluate 'alternative' medicine as a candidate for funding. In Gender and Work, Volume 12 of the series, authors examine how the different ideologies of the domestic and public spheres affect young women and men as they learn to work in the sphere to which their gender has and has not assigned them. Unlike journals, each volume in the Knowledge and Society series studies a topic in depth, and unlike individual books, it offers a multidisciplinary perspective, addressing academics and other professionals in science, engineering, the humanities, and the social sciences.

External Link: Publisher's website

Inside Technology Series (MIT Press)

Editors: Wiebe Bijker, Bernie Carlson, and Trevor Pinch

Publisher: MIT Press

Description: This series publishes monographs and edited collections of scholarship in S&TS. Although the initial focus was on books which engaged with the content of technology it now includes a wide variety of technoscience topics ranging from financial markets to medicine. "Inside Technology" books have won numerous prizes and we welcome new and innovative scholarship. If you have a proposal please feel free to contact any of the editors.

External Link: Inside Technology at Publisher's website

Transdisciplinary Studies (Sense)

Editors: Jeremy Hunsinger, Jason Nolan

Publisher: Sense

Description: Transdisciplinary Studies is an internationally oriented book series created to generate new theories and practices to extricate transdisciplinary research from the confining discourses of traditional disciplinarities. Within transdisciplinary domains, this series will publish empirically grounded, theoretically sound work seeking to identify and solve global problems that conventional disciplinary perspectives cannot capture. Transdisciplinary Studies seeks to accentuate those aspects of scholarly research which cut across todays learned disciplines in an effort to define new axiologies and forms of praxis. This series intends to promote a new appreciation for transdisciplinary research to audiences that are seeking ways of understanding complex, global problems that many now realize disciplinary perspectives cannot fully address. Scholars, policy makers, educators and researchers working to address issues in technology studies, public finance, discourse studies, professional ethics, political analysis, learning, ecological systems, modern medicine, and other fields clearly are ready to begin investing in transdisciplinary models of research. It is for those many different audiences in these diverse fields that we hope to reach, not merely with topical research, but also through considering new epistemic and ontological foundations for of transdisciplinary research.

External Link: Transdisciplinary Studies